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Samsung Medison wants to give you an easier way to acquire more information, with greater confidence. The Accuvix XG empowers you through the best in image quality, automation, user interface and design. Experiencing the Accuvix XG will enable you to see beyond previous imaging boundaries.
Our premium imaging system designed for General, OB/GYN, vascular, urology, cardiology, pediatric, muskuloskeletal, breast and small parts applications with premium image quality

Operating Modes

· B-Mode
· M-Mode
· Color M-Mode
· Color Doppler Imaging
· Power Doppler Imaging
· Directional PDI
· Pulse Wave Spectral Doppler (PWD)
· 3D/4D Volume Modes
· Harmonic Imaging
· Tissue Doppler Imaging


· High resolution 19” Wide Full HD LED monitor with articulated monitor arm
· 4 probe ports including pencil probe
· Touch Screen – 9” High Resolution Color LCD screen
· Integrated 500 GB SATA Hard Drive
· 5,400 frames maximum Cine Memory
· Standard DVD R/W storage
· Trapezoidal Imaging
· Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging (PIHI)
· Power PIHI
· Raw Data Analysis
· Post-image optimization
· Quick Scan (Automatic Optimization). One-touch image optimization improves contrast resolution, color sensitivity or spectral Doppler depending on the active mode.
· OVIX – Oblique View eXtended reduces noise and increases contrast by compounding multiple images.
· SFVI Smart Filter Volume Imaging
· VSI – Volume Shade Imaging is an innovative 3D imaging technology that displays a more realistic, life-like, image.
· Abdomen Calcs
· Vascular Calcs
· OB/GYN Calcs and tables
· Urological/Renal Calcs




System Options

· 3D XI,
o XI VOCAL displays sequential parallel slices of 3D anatomy to facilitate more precise volume analysis of irregularly-shaped structures. It can particularly measure the volume of complicated types of object easily and accurately.
o Multi-Slice View transforms 3D volume data obtained from a regular ultrasound scan into a series of sequential images captured at intervals of 0.5mm (minimum) to 5mm (maximum) segments.
o Oblique View is imaging technology which enables you to examine and view 3D volume data in various planes of view without limitations.
· 3D MXI
o Mirror View: Mirror View depicts right, left and overhead orientations simultaneously, for easier and more accurate diagnosis of fetal spine, face abnormalities and hand and foot malformations.
o Multi Volume Slice truly revolutionizes 3D/4D imaging by enabling users to acquire seven different images from just a single scan.
o Volume CT
· Spatial Compound Imaging technology improves signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and enhances contrast resolution via electronic ultrasound beam steering.controls and compounds numerous scan lines to deliver significantly clearer definition in soft tissue planes, with reduced speckle and other noise.
· SRF – Speckle Reduction Filter enhances image quality by reducing or eliminating the appearance of speckle echoes from ultrasound images. The degree of speckle reduction implemented is user-selectable.
· DMR+ Dynamic MR is a noise and artifact reduction filter that increases edge enhancement and produces sharper 2D images for improved diagnostic performance. This improves the 2D image to give a crystal clear image, at higher quality than a magnetic resonance (MR) image.
· Auto IMT: Automated measurement of the intima-media thickness of the carotid artery wall is a widely-used function.
· ElastoScan – detects the presence of a solid mass in tissue using ultrasound, and subsequently converts the stiffness into images. It shows how tissues move between pre and post-compression images.
· FAD – Face Auto Detection is an innovative 3D technology that removes unwanted volume data that can obscure details of the fetal face.
· Panoramic Imaging
· HDVI – HD Volume Imaging based on non-stationary adaptive filtering that removes artifacts and incorporates a speckle reduction filter without compromising details and increasing visualization of edges and small structures in volume data.
· CW Function and Cardiac Measurement
· VolumeNT & IT – This innovative new 3D technology enables clinicians to detect the true mid-sagittal view from 3D data, combining it with an automated NT and IT measurement
· ADVR enables simultaneous scanning and recording, and allows users to choose desired recording areas.


C2-6IC Convex, C1-4EC Micro Convex, L5-13IS Linear, L3-8 Linear, LF5-12 Linear, LS5-13 Linear, EV4-9/10ED Endocavitary, ER4-9/10 ED Endocavitary, VR5-9 Endocavitary, P2-4BA Sector, P3-8CA Sector, P4-12 Sector, 3DC2-6 Volumetric Convex, V4-8 Volumetric Convex, V5-9 Volumetric Endocavitary, LV6-12 Volumetric Linear


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