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GE LOGIQ P6 is a high end, premium performance, highly mobile and easy to use multipurpose color Doppler ultrasound system designed for Abdominal, OB/GYN, Musculoskeletal, Small Parts, Cardiology, Urology, Vascular, Pediatric, Transcranial, Transesophageal and Neonatal procedures. Let the LOGIQ P6 help you achieve clinical confidence with an ultrasound system that’s small enough to go into tight spaces, yet strong enough to deliver the exceptional imaging you and your patients need.

GE LOGIQ P6 is based on the GE’s exclusive software (TruScan Architecture) which provides for exceptional computational power, image-manipulation capability, workflow flexibility and product upgradeability.

Operating Modes

· B-Mode
· M-Mode
· Anatomical M-Mode (Optional)
· Color Flow Mode
· Power Doppler Imaging with Directional Map
· Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD)
· 3D/4D Volume Modes (Optional)
· CW Doppler (Optional)
· Tissue Velocity Imaging Mode (Optional)


· High resolution 17” glare free TFT Color LCD monitor with tilt and swivel on an articulating arm
· Integrated 160 GB Hard Drive
· 1000 frames (60 Sec) standard Cine Memory
· Standard DVD R/W storage
· Advanced dual beamformer helps deliver excellent spatial and temporal resolution, while maintaining high frame rates.
· AO – Automatic Optimization. One-touch image optimization improves contrast resolution, color sensitivity or spectral Doppler depending on the active mode.
o ATO Auto Tissue Optimization
o ACO Auto Color Optimization
o ASO Auto Spectral Optimization
· Tissue Harmonic Imaging
· Phase Inversion Harmonics helps provide higher spatial resolution and deeper penetration. 
· B-Steer
· CrossXBeam Compounded imaging provides enhanced tissue and border differentiation
· High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) helps eliminate noise while maintaining true tissue architecture. 
· LOGIQview*. Extended field of view allows you to image large organs, typically unable to be seen within a single image.
· Virtual Convex Enables extended field of view with linear transducers
· Easy 3D and Advanced 3D. Enables you to see organ positioning relative to surrounding anatomy.
· Elastography provides additional information for breast and MSK exams. 
· Realtime 4D helps reveal anatomical details. (Optional)
· Auto IMT provides an efficient, reproducible method for carotid artery analysis. 
· ECG and ECG cable (Optional)
· Vascular Calcs
· OB/GYN Calcs and tables
· Urological/Renal Calcs
· DICOM 3.0
4C Convex, 9L Linear, 11L Linear, 12L Linear, E8C Microconvex, 8C Microconvex, 3S Sector, 7S Sector, T739 Intraoperative Linear, 4D3CL Volumetric Convex, 4DE7C Volumetric Endocavitary. BE9C Microconvex Bi-Plain

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