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Timely access to quality ultrasound is critical in women’s healthcare. You need an ultrasound system that gives you flexibility, ease of use, and the speed and reliability to manage a comprehensive range of routine obstetric and gynecological exams. The powerful Voluson E6 system is your answer. It offers an excellent mix of capabilities for effective and efficient care, including extraordinary 2D image quality, outstanding 3D/4D imaging, automation advances, intuitive workflow tools, and a smart ergonomic design.

Voluson E6 is well suited to meet your imaging needs across a range of OB/GYN applications, including assisted reproductive medicine.

Built on the powerful E-Series platform, the Voluson E6 combines advanced probe technology plus innovative hardware and software architecture. Every component works together – processing multiple data points simultaneously in real-time to deliver exceptional images. The Voluson E6 helps you to see more, at earlier stages.

The premium system is designed for OB/GYN, Abdominal, Vascular, Breast, Small Parts, Urology, Cardiology and Orthopedic Applications

Operating Modes

• B-Mode
• M-Mode
• Color M-Mode
• HD Color Flow Mode
• Power Doppler Imaging
• Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD)
• 3D/4D Volume Modes
• Tissue Doppler Imaging


• High resolution 19” high resolution LCD monitor with DVI Interface
• Touch Screen – 10.4” High Resolution Color LCD screen
• Integrated 500 GB Hard Drive
• 3000 frames standard Cine Memory
• Standard DVD R/W storage
• AO – Automatic Optimization. One-touch image optimization improves contrast resolution, color sensitivity or spectral Doppler depending on the active mode.
• ATO Auto Tissue Optimization
• Coded Harmonic Imaging

• HDlive – This second-generation rendering tool provides exceptional anatomical realism and helps increase depth perception. This imaging capability can help you achieve a deeper understanding of relational anatomy, enrich patient communication and help enhance diagnostic confidence.
• CrossXBeam (Compound Resolution Imaging) helps enhance tissue and border differentiation with a real-time, spatial compounding acquisition and processing technique.
• Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining true tissue architecture
• Volume SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging) (V-SRI) – This enhancement provides a new level of speckle reduction utilizing volume/voxels versus traditional single slice imaging. It helps improve 3D/4D quality in multi-planar studies and rendered mode, and also provides an enhanced smoothing effect on rendered images which helps improve diagnostic confidence.
• HD-Flow uses a bi-directional Doppler feature to help achieve a more sensitive vascular study and reduce overwriting.
• Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) with OmniView helps improve your contrast resolution and visualization of the rendered anatomy with clarity in any image plane, even when viewing irregularly shaped structures
• XTD View. Extended field of view allows you to image large organs, typically unable to be seen within a single image.
• Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC) captures a full fetal heart cycle beating in real time, and the volume can be saved for offline analysis
• Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) helps make analysis and documentation of dynamic studies easier with a simultaneous view of multiple parallel slices of a volume data set
• Virtual Convex, enables extended field of view with linear transducers
• SonoNT (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) and SonoIT (Sonography-based Intracranial Translucency) – Voluson technologies that help provide semi-automatic, standardized measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucency as early as 11 weeks. SonoNT helps reduce the inter-and-intra-observer variability that comes with manual measurements, and helps provide you with the reproducibility you demand.
• SonoBiometry – Performs a semi-automatic measurement of the head (both head circumference and bi-parietal diameter), abdomen and femur. This tool can help enhance clinical workflow through helping reduce keystrokes to perform biometry measurements.
• Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle (SonoAVC* follicle) is an innovative software program designed to automatically calculate the number and volume of hypoechoic structures from a 3D ovarian volume.
• Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart (SonoVCAD* heart) is an innovative tool that assists in generating standard views, including the Aortic Arch algorithm, of a fetal heart from a four-chamber view.
• Beta View
• Real-Time automatic Doppler Calcs
• VOCAL – Volumetric Calcs
• Vascular Calcs
• OB/GYN Calcs and tables
• Urological/Renal Calcs
• DICOM 3.0


4C-D Convex, M6C-D Matrix Convex, AC1-5-D Convex, SP10-16-D Linear, 9L-D Linear, 11L-D Linear, IC5-9-D Microconvex, PA6-8-D Sector, RAB2-5-D Volumetric Convex, RAB4-8-D Volumetric Convex, RAB6D Volumetric Convex, RIC5-9-D Volumetric Endocavitary, RNA5-9-D Volumetric Microconvex, RSP6-16-D Volumetric Linear

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